Here you can download the complete user manual for your device for free.
If you are not sure which version of the Bravo units you have, please have a quick look at your stimulator:

  • If you can see no numbers 1-5 printed above the display, it is version 1.0.
If these numbers are visible above the window, you would have to open the battery compartment.
  • If there is room for only one battery 9V, it is version 2.0
  • If there is room for 4 batteries type AA, it is version 3.0

Devices for Incontinence-Therapy

Devices for Pain-Therapy (TENS)

Devices for Muscular Rehabilitation (EMS)

Multifunktional Stimulators

Devices for Electroacupuncture

Musclestimulator for Paretic Muscles, TENS und EMS

Dual Channel EMG-Biofeedback Device

Biofeedback Device with EMG-triggered Stimulation